Interior Design in Columbia, South Carolina

Creating a home that feels right can be a challenge, so let us help you get there.

Two-Hour Consultation

This in-home service allows you to get my personal design help at a small price. You receive up to two hours of my time to help you with any design questions, get advice on problem areas, or possibly get a fresh perspective on why a few rooms just aren't "working" for you.

We could end up picking out paint colors, determining a furniture layout, deciding on a color scheme for a room  - the possibilities are endless! Clients typically find that this small investment results in avoiding potential high-cost design mistakes.

An up to two-hour consultation is a paid-in-advance flat fee of $240. Travel charges apply to any appointment outside a 15 mile radius of my office. 


Full Service

Homes come alive when each detail is selected with intention. It's my specialty to make sure all of those details - from curtain rods to sofas, light fixtures to flooring - mingle to make a unique home just for you.

If you are in the building or remodeling stage, I am able to work alongside your builder and/or architect to create a cohesive, inspiring home. Getting the bones and permanent selections right is incredibly important, and makes decorating much simpler.

If you simply need help redecorating a room or entire home, I create a thorough plan and take care of all the details from selecting furnishings to installing it all in your home.

All full service projects begin with an initial consultation of up to two hours, requiring a paid-in-advance flat fee of $240. All work after our initial consultation is charged at a $100 hourly rate. Travel charges apply to any appointment outside a 15 mile radius of my office.