You are frustrated with your home, and you don't know where to start. You may not even be sure of what your style is, or why you hate having people over, but you just know you are not feeling your home's current situation. 

Don't fret! Seriously. That's what I'm here for. I take your house, your story, and your treasured belongings, and in return give you a soulful, beautiful home.

Design services are offered at $75 per hour, with a $90 initial consultation.

Initial consultations must be paid in advance.


Full Service

When you opt for full service, I am there from beginning to end of the project. Sourcing, planning, installation, etc. and all of the messy details that come with it are taken care of by me. In short, it means you can wipe your hands of the not-fun stuff like keeping track of shipping, triple-checking measurements, and figuring out how the heck it all goes together. This is your best option if you want to go from "before" to "after" without all the work that comes from it! Sounds pretty good, huh?


Maybe you already have your style down pat, or you're great at implementing the details, but you are stuck on a few things. Or, you are doing a remodel and need a little bit of guidance on what selections to look for. Let's take this scenario as an example:

You: "Briana, I'm really struggling with this living room! I love the light-and-bright natural look, but all of this neutral color seems to just be falling flat in here. Maybe I just need more color, even though I don't like that!"

Me: "You aren't missing color, you're missing texture! I would recommend adding in a wood element such as a lamp base, and consider purchasing throw pillows that aren't all the same fabric. While we're at it, try hanging your drapes higher!"

You: "Wow, you're worth every penny, are you a design angel?"

Me: "Duh."