We both know that Pinterest can start to mock you instead of inspire you. Don't fret; with my help your home can have a different story. See my services below to discover which best fits your need.

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Two-Hour Consultation

This in-home service allows you to get my personal design help at a small price. You receive up to two hours of my time to help you with any design questions, get advice on problem areas, or possibly get a fresh perspective on why a few rooms just aren't "working" for you.

We could end up rearranging furniture, coming up with a direction for your bedroom, picking out paint colors - the possibilities are endless! Clients typically find that this small investment results in avoiding potential high-cost design mistakes.

A two-hour consultation is a paid-in-advance flat fee of $180. Available to Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding areas only.


Full Service

Homes come alive when each detail is selected with intention. It's my specialty to make sure all of those details - from curtain rods to sofas, light fixtures to flooring - mingle to make a home that feels like you. 

Whether you need help making selections while in the construction or remodel phase, or have an established home that needs decorating, I take old  + new (plus a whole lotta "you") to make your home a place you have a hard time leaving. 

Here's how the basic process goes:

step no. 1 - let's start talking

Submit an inquiry on my contact page, and I will e-mail you to either answer any questions you may have or set up a phone consultation. This is when we both decide if we are a perfect fit. 

step no. 2 - get the ball rolling

Once you understand all working details and we've agreed to work together, an in-person consultation will take place. We will meet at your home unless it is new construction. Measurements are taken, your style and color preferences are discussed, and we evaluate how you want the space to function. 

step no. 3 - create a plan

I create a detailed design plan for you, then present it to you. If necessary, I tweak it to it's final state and get your approval.

step no. 4 - let me work my magic

Making sure our plan turns into reality is no small feat. On your side it will feel like time is ticking slowly, but behind the scenes I'm talking to builders, overseeing that your orders arrive on time, and double checking that each detail is as expected. 

step no. 5 - oh happy day

All furnishings arrive on the magical installation day. No space is complete without accessorizing, which is a step I don't skip. This can take place at the same time as furniture delivery, or separately depending on scheduling. Relax, my friend. Your patience and investment has paid off, and you can finally enjoy your home.

All full service projects begin with an initial consultation of up to two hours, requiring a paid-in-advance flat fee of $180. All work after our initial consultation is charged at a $75 hourly rate.