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Enjoying Details (When You Can't Yet Renovate)

Enjoying Details (When You Can't Yet Renovate)

Lately I have been focusing much more on the mood and interest of our home than the technical design aspects. I'm finding that breaking the rules creates the relaxed atmosphere I crave. Everything isn't "just so". Granted, rules are best broken when you first know what they are. You can tell if a small-scale piece of art is hung with thought and intention, or if somebody just hung up a tiny print because it was laying around (don't worry, I've participated in both). 

Gallery wall of vintage art with glass lamp and white bedding

I'm also finding that how sunlight falls on certain objects during the day makes a big difference in how I decorate. I tried rearranging some art in our living room the other night, and soon realized I couldn't evaluate anything well without sunlight. 

Sun Room Chair.jpg

I've just been inspired lately to create beauty in my home how I see it, not how others see it. Inevitably it will strike a chord with my kind of people, and I needn't worry that it's not mainstream.

In the years to come, we will be remodeling as we get the funds, but for now I'm finding a great deal of enjoyment in these small details. They don't require much money...


...but they do require a confidence to go for what you love. Old brass candlesticks have had my eye lately. Too bad I am in love with beeswax tapers which cost a pretty penny. 


I normally don't enjoy taking photographs so much, but my best friend Sarah dropped off her dog Sammy for a bit (who is deaf and terrified of our cats because he can't hear them sneaking up on him HA!)  He followed me around and is currently snuggling me as I write this post from our sofa:


Wishing you all the best in finding whatever makes your heart tick today.

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