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Cheap Roman Shade Source

Cheap Roman Shade Source


I mentioned this a few days ago in my Instagram story, but I purchased a simple white roman shade for our upstairs bathroom that works great!

It's the Dover Cordless Roman Shade from JCPenny in "white", but they have a few other neutral colors available. You can order a free swatch which is great, but I went ahead and ordered on blind faith. Online it says it is normally $60-$100 depending on size, but every time I have looked, it's been only $36-$63 on "sale." I'm pretty sure they never charge regular price!

They are cordless, so you have to tug on the bottom to pull it down, then gently push up when you want to retract it. They put a piece of hidden plastic that slips on the bottom so you don't grub up the fabric by touching it!


The only thing that might bother you is that the fabric isn't stiff. This means when I push the shade upward, I have to do it slowly so the folds fall in the right places and don't get wrinkled up. It doesn't bother me enough to buy something else, and I use this shade several times a day. I wouldn't consider it high-maintenance or anything.

Here's what it looks like down (grainy photo sorry!):


You could easily add detail with trim, but I liked it plain.

Hope it helps if you are looking for a simple shade :)


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