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Mint Bathroom: We Have A Plan!

Mint Bathroom: We Have A Plan!

I've shared before that we wanted to redo some things in our upstairs bathroom, but we weren't planning to start when I began ripping down wallpaper in the shower last week. Corners of the paper were already peeling up from the years of steam, and my curiosity got the best of me. Fast forward a week to our paperless primed walls and we've now got a plan! I shared some inspiration here, but I've gained a few more ideas since then. This teensy bathroom is serving as our "master" bathroom until  we eventually redo the downstairs. We are keeping the tile, and we already replaced the sink and toilet to be white. Now it's on to things like lighting, storage, and paint color!


Originally I wanted sconces on either side of the mirror so there wouldn't be harsh light from above when I'm putting on makeup. The current mirror is a medicine cabinet that's set into the wall, so we were hoping it would be easy to put the sconces in since the wall is already open. Once we took the cabinet out, we realized it was framed in a way that would make putting sconces in a paiiiin. We didn't make this discovery until I already had my eyes set on one of these pretty lights:

Even if I had been able to put them in, I don't think they would have worked. The bathroom is itty bitty, and the door opens right into the sink. I would have needed flat sconces for them to not feel obtrusive. *sheds tear*

Once we decided on an overhead light I thought about keeping it simple and doing the same sconce, just one above the mirror instead of two on the sides. But one lightbulb didn't seem like enough light for the room. We looked around at 3-light fixtures but they seemed like too much for the small space. Call me Goldilocks but the two-light fixture seemed juuust right. 

Then along comes Habitat for Humanity Restore. I go there all the time, and they have tons of light fixtures people donate when they remodel. It's hit or miss, but luckily I found this:

I found the chrome little guy above for $15. It fits the vintage-y vibe like the faucet, but none of this might matter because I FOUND ANOTHER ONE I THINK I MIGHT WANT MORE.

Isn't it cool?! At $75 it's not a bad price, but I can't help but feel guilty for liking it since I already found the $15 one. The light from Habitat is traditional and I'm not totally against that, but this light might take the mint tile from looking cutesy to modern. Essentially both will look great, but I have to decide if the price of the new light plus a coordinating faucet is worth the look. Decisions, decisions! I'll let you know which one I choose.


Behind the door is a small closet the same depth as the shower. It's the only storage since we have a pedestal sink, and right now our toiletries are corralled by shoe boxes and plastic bins. We took the door off because it smacks into the main door when it's open and drives me NUTS.

As we are working on the bathroom I would like to find prettier storage since it's an open closet. Collected baskets are my favorite, so it may take a few thrifting trips to find the right things.

Paint Color

Removing that stupid floral wallpaper was the worst and I never want to feel that wet, slimy adhesive ever again in my LIFE. I know that wish won't be granted because our downstairs bathroom also has floral wallpaper, but I can still be dramatic about it. I can't wait to put up paint and forget it ever existed. If you watch my Instagram stories you will know I have vowed to never put wallpaper up in my home. I hated removing it that much.

It's primed now, but I'm going to try the leftover Sea Pearl by Benjamin Moore that we have and see if it works. I have a feeling I'll need to go with a brighter white. I would paint the room a million times and count it joy that I'm not removing wallpaper.

The trim will be white. It originally was a color that can only be described as "dirty." A dingy, weird grody little color. I've already got white primer on it and the room looks a million times better.


Now that I've given you a sneak peak and tortured you with looking at that old wallpaper, here is a pretty bathroom that doesn't burn your retinas. You're welcome.


Classic, clean, not overboard on the vintage vibe. via

Now I'm off to do some more work to the bathroom, I'll be sure to share it with you! P.S. What do you guys think about the whole light fixture thing? Am I being ridiculous?! Probably.

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