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bamboo blinds

Here is to lightening up (in more ways than one). After doing a DIY lining on our bamboo blinds this weekend, Madison hung them up, and I hated them.

bamboo double window

They look semi-decent, but there are a few



1) They

bulk up

much more than regular 2" blinds when being pulled. On a regular window, that's fine, but these windows are behind our headboard and lamps. In addition, the windowsill is shallow because of window replacements, so they stick out farther than would a normal window. We had to get creative when installing them because the mounting hardware was just a smidge too large.

2) They


the room considerably. We previously had cheap, temporary plastic blinds for privacy (our windows face the street). They weren't pretty, but they let in light, and I loved that. We don't sleep in late and we rarely take naps, so having blackout lining on something is not important to us. All I used for the lining was drop cloth for privacy, but the dark bamboo is too much.

Thankfully I got all 6 blinds for only $50 off Craigslist, plus a few bucks to line them, so I'm not kicking myself for spending that per window! I am mostly annoyed that I spent an afternoon lining them, only to get rid of them.

The Takeaway?

I am going to choose to be thankful for a

learning opportunity

! You know, "2,000 ways


to make a lightbulb."

1) I discovered that natural lighting isn't just nice to have for me, it's essential! Every time I walked up the stairs and saw how much darker our bedroom was, I was frustrated.

2) I now know how to line a roll-up shade! I will be sharing the DIY for that soon, which isn't much different than what is already online except I will tell you all of the things NOT to do as well. Because I did them. And pouted.

Does anybody else have experience with a pull-up shade that gives privacy but doesn't block tons of light? I'm thinking a simple linen-type roman shade in a natural color might do the trick.Ooh! Maybe a DIY with drop cloth again?


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