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Remodelista :: an extremely useful picture book


You've probably seen it lying around a bookstore somewhere, begging to be picked up with its subtly glossy letters and catchy title. I scored my copy from my incredibly kind and thoughtful older brother who researched books he thought I might like then went and picked it up. Seriously. He's the sweetest person ever and I love him. (Hey Cameron! I read this book all the time! Not just Christmas morning!) Ladies, he's 23 and single.

So Remodelista started out as a blog and then the creators used all of their glorious brain power to write this book. If you ever want to get a book that actually helps you design in real life but is not boring and overly wordy, please pick up this book. When you open the pages they smell so glorious and book-y.

I'm not going to lie, when I first started flipping through I was sort of intimidated. Some of the interiors pictured in the book seemed pretentious, but not in the "old money" sort of way. I imagine the rooms are probably lived in by people who are gluten-free and have intellectual conversations while wearing horn-rimmed glasses. If you are looking for a book that has diy chevron monogrammed burlap curtains, try again. This is not your book. Actually, don't try again, because those would be ugly and you are better than that.

I stood to learn a lot before diving into this book. Titles like "Minimum Assembly Required" were what had me all excited! As much as I appreciate their chapter on their favorite items, I'm more of a "find what I have in my house and use it" kind of girl. That's code for "what I have in my house is free" in case you were wondering. I loved that using scrap fabric and vintage sheets clipped to rings as curtains was not only accepted, it was preferred by the writers of this book. My creativity and sense of emotion about a room increased greatly after this book. For instance, when certain shirts of mine needed to be air-dryed, I would hang them on my bedroom window curtain rod. As it turned out, I loved the way the sun shone through the white shirt while it hung, so whenever I wasn't wearing it I just left it up. Why not? I have a feeling the Remodelista ladies would be patting me on the back with their agate-ring-clad hands.

That couch looks perfect in the space. It's from IKEA! All they did was swap out the metal legs for cheap unfinished wooden ones. This is probably my favorite tip they gave. It gives the sectional an entirely different feel.

Lastly we mustn't forget to mention that the back cover has a happy li'l (large) cat snuggling linens on it. This is enough of a reason to buy this book on its own. What? Yes, I did paint my own nails today thanks very much. No, I'm not a fingernail model and you're making me blush.

Remodelista Summary:


It taught me to not be ashamed of finding beauty and loving simple, strange things in my home. I used many of the tips and examples they wrote about in my own home.


If you are into a highly decorated and perfectly coordinated home (no shame), then this book is probably not for you. That is, unless you are up to stretching your mind a little bit!

I love this book. Now all I need it an obese cat to snuggle while I read it.

Pick it up! Remodelista by Julie Carlson

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