I'm Briana, and I help people create unique, beautiful interiors in Columbia, SC. 

discovering blogging



If you are reading this, thanks for following through on your overwhelming excitement/boredom to check out this experiment of a blog.  This blog will hopefully be home to a community of people who can help each other (and myself) discover design and beauty both high and low. The goal? To never stop looking for design in the unexpected, the overlooked, or the unheard of.

I have been working part-time in the design field for only a year, but my passion for design reaches back to childhood when I used to constantly beg my mom for "room makeovers" (which she so lovingly did). However, it took me until recently to realize that if I want to do what I love, design is what I need to pursue!

So, here's my first post formally inviting you on this journey to cultivate the design aspect of my life.  See you next post! 


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