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About Briana.

I felt like I was frivolous for wanting to make my home feel like...home. I had this gift inside of me to create and make homes beautiful, but I felt like it was a waste because it wasn't digging a well in a foreign country. I was so wrong.

Among a world that pushes fastersmarterbetter I realized the importance of having a home where I could just be me. And as I create that home to this day, I am learning more and more about letting the blessing of our house be a blessing to others. I blog about my adventures in decorating, entertaining, and other life tidbits, but my mission comes down to this:

Beauty in this life matters! It inspires us, refreshes us, comforts us. Don't we all need a home that does those very things? So if you like stupid humor, pretty pictures, and a whole lotta encouragement, check out the blog or contact me for a in-person home consultation.